How can i tell if my braai wood has been treated with fungicides?

To really know if your wood is treated, a fact sheet will surely show you if it is or not. The fact sheets are produced by the manufacturer and, according to the manufacturer, come with a lot of wood. If you don't have a fact sheet that came with the wood, you can request one from the manufacturer. Copper azole (CA) preservatives contain copper and a fungicide.

Some types also contain boric acid. 3.Whatever storage method you choose, do not pile firewood directly against your house, as this represents a great fire hazard and risks damaging the walls from moisture and mold. Finally, avoid treating firewood with fungicides. The CA and ACQ preservatives contain copper, the main fungicide and termiticide in Viance's soil contact product.

The fungicide prevents soil fungi from attacking wood and acts to deter insects, including termites. Copper is also a common fungicide for food crops that consumers use to grow vegetables and is a disinfectant in pool chemicals. In a newsletter entitled Treated wood in raised bed gardening, he stated: “Evidence and scientific data have shown that the use of pressure-treated wood for gardening in raised beds or boxes is safe for adults and children in terms of the plants that are grown and used in these containers. Safe practices for working with treated wood recommend that treated wood not be used when it may come into direct or indirect contact with drinking water or with a component of food, animal feed or hives.

The American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) sets voluntary standards on how to reduce wood decay through different treatments. While there is scientific consensus that treated wood can be used for orchards and orchards, the following information explains what chemicals are used in wood treated in contact with Viance soil for residential use and the results of numerous scientific studies. Morrell, Jeffrey, (201) Metal accumulation in tubers grown in pots constructed of wood treated with copper and azole, European Journal of Wood and Wood Products. However, the amount of leaching of used wood is expected to be less than that of freshly treated wood.

None of the vegetables grown in beds made with copper azole treated wood showed high levels of copper compared to vegetables grown in beds built with untreated wood.

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