What are the benefits of using braai wood?

The Let's Braai Rooikrans, Sekelbos and Kameeldoring forests are natural sources of fuel. The biggest benefit of grilling with wood instead of charcoal is the flavor. Nothing is more important than the taste of the food. Charcoal offers little in terms of flavor.

It burns fast and hot, but it doesn't have a substantial impact on the taste of grilled foods. The main difference between wood and gas braais is the fuel they use. Wood braces burn wood and charcoal, providing a smoky flavor to food. Gas braziers, on the other hand, burn gas and are generally easier to use.

It is generally considered that wood and charcoal braais provide a more authentic barbecue flavor to food, something that many people prefer. Let's take a look at the main differences between gas and wood braces and let's explore together which one is the best option for you. The wood is also available in smaller boxes for braai lovers who don't have time to go out and cut their own wood. Gas brasai can reach temperature in less than a minute, compared to a much longer process with wood or charcoal fire.

But have you ever wondered if a wood or gas brasai is the best option? Is there a definitive answer to this burning question?.

Nelson Hillered
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