What wood is toxic to burn in south africa?

Tamboti has milky latex that is very poisonous. Plucking leaves can cause burns and, if it comes into contact with the eyes, can temporarily blind humans and livestock. Permanent eye damage is known to occur. That means that when it burns, it emits a large amount of soot that adds dangerous creosote to the walls of the chimney.

It also burns faster than hardwood, making it less efficient, although it can be used as firewood. If you have a pine Christmas tree left over, it's best not to burn the firewood. Find out if wood fireplaces are illegal in your country. Toxic metals in wood ash Of the heavy metals analyzed, aluminum and iron were the most outstanding, since both represented more than 1% of the ash.

This metal distribution is likely to be due both to the species of burned trees and to the composition of the soil in which they grew. Tanned wood will weigh less and will make a creak sound if you hit it with another piece of wood. Softwood such as pine, spruce or cypress are soft woods that burn quickly, don't form a lot of embers and produce a lot of smoke and soot. In my opinion, it resembles the smell of an expensive perfume and it is difficult to associate it with wood (without a woody note), that's why I call this wood perfume wood ;-).

To make your braai even better, try mixing different types of wood to get the temperature, longevity and scent you want. However, the amount of wood ash produced by traditional stoves is poorly documented, as is the amount of different types of toxins in wood ash.

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