What is the difference between hardwood and softwood for braaiing?

Whether you're looking for wood logs for cooking, bits for smoking, or bits for smoking, you'll probably find that most wood for cooking is made from hardwood trees. Popular varieties of hardwood for cooking include oak, cherry, walnut and walnut. Unfortunately, some people unknowingly use wood for hardwood cooking, believing that it offers the same flavor and performance as hardwood for cooking. While certain types of soft wood can be used to grill or smoke food, hardwood is often a better choice for the following reasons.

A question we're often asked is what makes firewood better, hardwood or hardwood? In a nutshell, hardwood produces better firewood because it burns longer, heats up more and produces less smoke. However, both hard and soft wood can be great choices. It just depends on how you plan to use it. Will it be used as a main or supplemental heating source in your home or for an occasional campfire? To help you decide which type is best for your needs, let's take a closer look at these two.

In our discussion of hardwood versus soft wood for cooking Dr. Smoke, we talked about hardwood versus softwood for cooking. Wood is considered soft wood if its seeds do not have any type of coating and are dropped on the ground and left out in the open. Softwood comes from conifers, which are evergreen trees that retain their foliage all year round.

These trees often have scaly leaves or needles. Because it has little or no resin, hardwood for cooking is less likely to burst and fire embers when burned than soft wood for cooking. For a safer and more enjoyable cooking experience, choose hardwood for cooking instead of softwood for cooking. Ask questions about the wood you want to buy, read the wood packaging, and look for hardwoods that are known to be ideal for wood oven cooking, such as cherry, alder, ash, American walnut, maple, oak and beech.

Hardwood for cooking has little or no resin, so you can avoid this headache by choosing it over soft wood for grilling and outdoor smoking.

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