Which wood smells the best when burning?

A lot of people ask about Cedar and Pine. Both types of wood smell great, especially when in nature. They also smell good when you burn them (assuming the wood is really dry and not yet full of moisture and sap). Also known as aromatic red cedar due to its sticky scent, it is one of the most outstanding aromatic woods.

Because of its strong smell, we use oriental red cedar to make cabinets and drawers to keep moths at bay. If you use American walnut wood for cooking or pieces of wood for smoking, they will inject the same tasty scent into your food. Walnuts are delicious, plankwood is arguably the most prized species of wood among carpenters and is exceptional firewood. Bad smells usually come from wood that rots from the inside out as a result of insects such as termites that eat wood.

Whatever wood you use for any purpose, it's helpful to know the various scents you can expect from these woods.

Nelson Hillered
Nelson Hillered

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