What are the different types of braai wood and their environmental impact characteristics?

We analyze the different types of firewood available in terms of energy content and environmental impact. We developed a simple credit system for choosing wood. One condition is that this wood can be difficult to ignite.

If you use Mopani wood, you can use liquid to light the braai, but keep in mind that this may prevent you from enjoying the natural aromatic smoke of this braai wood.

According to the website www, joburgfirewood, co, za, the type of wood you use to make braai will make the experience more pleasant.

They also recommend always getting your wood from a reputable braai wood supplier. Blue rubber, which comes from eucalyptus, does not burn with a flame as hot as forests like the Sekelbos do. However, it offers longevity and your braai will continue to burn for hours. You can also slightly moisten the blue rubber wood, as this will help it burn longer.

Hardwood is the preferred wood for keeping a good braai running due to its density and low humidity. This allows it to ignite easily, burn well and create hotter, longer fires with less smoke compared to softer woods. Hardwoods produce a higher temperature, which creates constant embers to roast meat for an extended cooking period. To make your braai even better, try mixing different types of wood to get the temperature, longevity and scent you want.

For many shoppers who buy wood by the bag at stores like Woolworths, Spar, Pick n Pay or the nearest gas station, when they need it, the decision of which wood to buy is likely to be based on what is available in the store. However, due to its low density, soft wood cannot withstand prolonged braai unless you have an excessive amount of wood, as it burns faster, has worse charcoal qualities and also produces a lot of smoke. We only sell the best quality braai wood, and there are certain types of firewood that are particularly suitable for use in braai. To counter the possibility that retailers may not cook enough wood, both Taylor and Botha recommend that shoppers consider hardwood from Namibia, especially for open fireplaces and brasses.

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