Is burning wood better than charcoal?

The biggest benefit of grilling with wood instead of charcoal is the flavor. Nothing is more important than the taste of the food. Charcoal offers little in terms of flavor. It burns fast and hot, but it doesn't have a substantial impact on the taste of grilled foods.

Charcoal definitely burns more than normal wood. In fact, charcoal briquettes typically burn almost twice as much as regular wood. However, hardwood charcoal in chunks tends to burn more than charcoal briquettes. There will always be die-hard charcoal fanatics who refuse to use wood and die-hard wood fanatics who wouldn't dare touch charcoal.

These flares make it difficult to control the temperature of the wood fire without a very large and specific type of grill designed for wood fires, which means that the hamburgers will end up a little less bathed in flames and more charred until they are crispy. Cooking with wood takes you to a whole new world of flavors, which you can customize according to the type of wood you choose. For best results, use charcoal and wood when smoking food, cooking it over indirect heat with charcoal as a heating element and wood for flavor. These benefits of using pieces of wood for grilling are very appealing and are the reason why many people choose to use wood instead of charcoal.

Whether you love to grill with wood and consider yourself a veteran or to grill with wood for the first time, you should understand the advantages of this method of roasting and its drawbacks. People are starting to stop grilling on charcoal and replace it with grilling on wood, since it has a more versatile range of wood flavors than charcoal. That said, charcoal (both natural wood and briquettes) burns hotter, cleaner and more evenly than regular pieces of wood, which is why barbecues tend to prefer it.

Nelson Hillered
Nelson Hillered

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